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clear thinking,

that works.


What we do


We seek an understanding of
your business and its potential.

Let’s discover customer and consumer insights together. Collaborating on collective goals and adding value across the board. No problems - just countless opportunities in disguise.


It’s all about engagement. Creating a true connection between you and your consumer.

Creative and strategy work best hand in hand to deliver the greatest impact and connection. We strive to make every campaign an opportunity to stand out, leverage the connection and delight.


We are experts in media buying, planning and negotiations.

Over many years we have planned and bought across all mediums. Marketing and media can be difficult and complex. We are open, honest and committed to help deliver you a better outcome.

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We're committed to helping you maximise your business potential

In a challenging marketplace, c three has continually delivered more for less. We consistently deliver a competitive advantage for our clients, helping them reach their predetermined goals and more.

We help clients with the big picture; how the media and the message connect to everything. Deeper engagement with customers, integrated solutions across multiple touch points, all with built in flexibility to maximise changing scenarios. We manage your investment smartly. We add value. 

We deliver bespoke solutions based on strategy and accountability.

About us

Our work


Some of the people we've worked with...


Meet Alan Blanco


Alan has worked on the agency, client and media sides of the industry, thus providing him an in depth understanding into how each domain works. Many varied and successful campaigns across the years including launching telcos, electing state governments, international franchises and many more with a number of well-known brands. This success, drive and experience across a wide spectrum of clients and industries is prized and what Alan brings to the table with every client.




“The team at c three agency provide a personalised service for their clients; they are great communicators and collaborators with media owners.

Alan is very hands on and provides a boutique experience for his clients. We work closely with the c three agency team at all levels across our business to ensure we deliver on their clients objectives. I have witnessed first-hand how invested Alan and the team are in delivering the best service and results based outcomes for his clients. He is committed to working closely with his clients to see them grow and prosper."

Royce Zygarlicki,
Group Sales Director - Agency VIC 

News Corp Australia

“In the crowded competitive telecommunications marketplace, it is difficult to standout; many products or offerings are the same or similar. We approached c three to assist and they produced campaigns that allowed us to say many things about our services across a range of media in a number of languages that would have been impossible otherwise. “

Mike Robinson
CEO of DigiPlus

“Like many, our business is a tight operation in a rapidly expanding marketplace. Thus, with the inability to carry our own dedicated in-house marketer with the necessary skills, we chose to outsource...entrusting the entire function with c three. This proved so successful we expanded the role to include our whole Asia-Pacific operation.”

Mike Adams,
General Manager of O’Grady Peyton


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Alan Blanco 

0414 25 26 26

PO Box 600

Bondi Junction NSW 1355

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